Danish Beatbox Championship 2021

The Danish Beatbox Association is proud to present the Danish Beatbox Championship 2021 – 10 years anniversary With this anniversary, we celebrate the voluntary effort in the Danish Beatbox Association.

The last 10 years we have united all the danish beatboxers in a ‘space’ that has created successful experiences and provided a solid foundation for maintaining the growth of the beatbox culture in denmark.

The Danish Beatbox Championship is back at the venue Stairway in Copenhagen. We had a great collaboration running the champs last year and we’re back for another great evening. 14 beatboxers from all over denmark will compete for the title of being the best beatboxer in denmark and will get the opportunity to represent denmark at international events.

The danish loopstation artist KBA is opening the show with a killer loopstation showcase. The judges are the danish new-school legends Thorsen, Calexy and Bozz. They will each do a judge showcase and blow the roof completely off after the final. Our hosts are non other than our boi Yunus and Simon Adel aka Simon the diamond.